Zune Pass Primer Part 2

After reading the comments section, I thought we could all do with a second post about the Zune Pass.  First off, I think I was a bit wishy-washy in my definitions of streaming and downloading using the Zune Pass, so hopefully this clears it up:

10 downloads a month- You can download 10 songs a month, and they’re yours to keep forever.  These are MP3 files, and you can burn them to a CD, and put on unlimited devices.  They are Digital Rights Management (DRM) free.

Unlimited downloads- These have DRM, meaning, the license only allows the music to go on three devices and three computers.  You must sync your device to the Marketplace at least once every 30 days to keep this license going.  You cannot burn this music to a CD or a computer.  This music will stay on your devices and computers as part of your collection or play lists.  In terms of your every day use on your Zune player, you can’t tell that these songs are any different than the 10 “keepers”.  This music will disappear once you stop paying for a Zune Pass (annoyingly, the song titles will still be there, but you can’t play them).

Zune.net streaming- You go to zune.net and log in with your Live ID and can stream music over the internet via ANY computer (ie: your work computer, your cousin’s computer, etc.).  This doesn’t count towards the “three and three” rule.

All of these features are only available in select countries around the world where the Zune service is offered: http://www.zune.net/en-US/products/learningcenter/zunemarketplace/about/marketplacecountries.htm

Another question that popped up in the comments was about the process of linking multiple devices (for the sake of this article, WP7s) with the Zune Pass.  When setting up your (or a family member’s) phone, you need to sign in using a Live ID that is associated with your Zune Pass.  If you’ve already set up your phone, go to Settings> Email & Accounts> Windows Live to change it.  Microsoft also has a document that goes into detail about Windows Live ID http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/howto/wp7/start/which-windows-live-id-should-i-use.aspx.

Image via: zune.net

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