Zune on Windows Mobile



zoneforwm Some more news on Zune for Windows Mobile has reached my inbox.  We have recently heard Steve Ballmer talking about spreading the service to other platforms, with Windows Mobile certainly being one candidates.

The bad news is that Windows Mobile 6.5 will not in fact be getting the Zune service.  The good news is that Zune is very much coming to Windows Mobile 7, and a pretty full implementation of it too (no mention of squirting though 😉 )

Unfortunately for the over the air part of the service Microsoft intends to have the operators very much involved, meaning when music tracks are downloaded via 3G we may end up paying twice as much as if the track was downloaded over WIFI. The Operators will also be involved in billing, with the ability of tracks to be charged directly to your phone bill rather than your credit card.

Of course this also opens up the attractive possibility of cheap music subscriptions being offered as part of your data package when you buy a Windows Mobile 7 Smartphone, which is certainly something I can sign up for.

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