Zune for Windows Mobile not tied to Windows Mobile 7 after all?

Yesterday our joy at hearing the Zune software was coming to Windows Mobile was quite muted, as we expected this would come as a bundle with Windows Mobile 7, sometime late next year.

Now however Mary-Jo Foley, ZD-Net’s Microsoft watch blogger, has leaked that the Zune on Windows Mobile project was part of a greater effort to bring premium consumer services to Windows Mobile, code named “Pink”, and that this effort was not tied to any particular version of Windows Mobile.

According to Mary-Jo “Microsoft could make Zune services and various other service offerings developed by the folks it acquired as part of the Danger acquisition, any time.”

Apparently “Pink” is headed by Roz Ho, corporate vice president for Premium Mobile Experiences at Microsoft. She is also responsible for the integration of Danger Inc., which was acquired by Microsoft in April, 2008. She had worked for 4 years previously in Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit, and likely picked up a few user-experience tricks there.

With this new rumour, our level of excitement has notched up just a bit, and we look forward to seeing something sooner rather than later.

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