Zune for Windows Mobile confirmed in job posting

Reading the tea leaves for Windows Mobile has become easier now hordes of people are combing through Microsoft’s job offers. The latest news is a job for a Software Testing engineer who fits the job description below:

“Do you want to create one of the most exciting new consumer service from Microsoft? Interested in leading a team from the ground up, working from prototype stage to shipping an experience on millions of devices? Do you dream about having a mobile phone based entertainment experience powered by a unified entertainment service across devices such as Zune, Xbox and PC? If yes, come join the Zune team!

The Zune team is embarking on the mission to create a “Connected Entertainment” experience, realized through the Zune service, that spans multiple devices such as Zune, Xbox, PC and Mobile phones. We are a rapidly growing, V1 product team with great opportunities for motivated individuals who can hit the ground running!”

While a Zune services which reaches over to Windows Mobile is good news, its worrying that the job offer makes so many reference to this project being in a very early stage. With Windows Mobile 7 coming in less than a year, should the service really still be working “from the ground up“?

Either way, further confirmation can only be good news.  Read the Job description on the Microsoft website here.

Via Engadget.com