Zune 4.2 software now features international language support, presages worldwide Zune Market roll-out?


The recent 4.2 release of the Zune media player continues to deliver.  Yesterday the software revealed drivers for a Microsoft Zune phone, and today Arne Hess from theunwired.net has noticed that the software now supports international localization.

The software will now default appropriately to German when installed on a German language PC for example, something which makes little sense of Microsoft did not intend for the Zune service to roll out internationally.

So far Microsoft has disappointed non-US users by not bringing the excellent software and hardware combo of the ZuneHD and the Zune software store to the rest of  the world, but this is not something which is sustainable if the Zune player will form an important part of a future Windows phone.

The Zune media player can be downloaded here, but as of yet the Zune store is not accessible from non-US locations.