ZTE’s Windows Phones will hit “several European markets this fall/autumn”

imageWhen we think of ZTE’s Windows Phone 7 handsets we primarily think of the Chinese market, where the company virtually dominates.

For many Asian OEMs adopting Windows phone 7 is route to addressing the western market however.  Mobile.se has asked a ZTE rep when we can expect to see their handsets in Europe, and surprisingly it appears it may be very soon.

According to the ZTE rep:

ZTE’s first Windows Phone devices will hit several markets in Europe this year, we think Windows Phone is very interesting and we will reach out to you as soon as possible with more information.

… our first Windows Phone devices will hit several European markets this fall/autumn, information about the Swedish market will soon be available.

If the company can develop carrier relations I expect ZTE to deliver solid (due to Microsoft supervision) but cheap Windows Phone 7 handsets, which should help in expanding the market.

Via Winmobile.se