ZTE’s Axon S seeks to replace notch design with a clever slider mechanism


18, 2019

ZTE seems not so much in love with the notch and we have seen how the company managed to get rid of it in their one of their upcoming smartphones, ZTE Axon V. Joining the Axon V is another new smartphone from ZTE, the ZTE Axon S. Both of them have common ambition – to eliminate notch, punch-hole or whatever and make smartphone literally all-screen albeit their mechanism is slightly different.

As first spotted by Notebook Italia, the ZTE Axon S to rock a slider mechanism under which you will find all the cameras, allowing you to achieve 95 percent screen-to-body ratio. It’s weird. But from what we see, unlike the Vivo’s pop-out selfie camera where the selfie camera automatically pops out when you intend to take selfies, Axon S might provide the control directly to you, meaning you might not have to depend on the camera settings and can give a small press to make the tiny display slide over the front panel. You can take a look at the below gallery for a closer look.

Aside from that, ZTE Axon S will sport a in-display fingerprint sensor and 3D dual cameras. Furthermore, you will find 48MP triple cameras with 5X optical zoom, all hidden inside the tiny back display panel which slides sideways.

What do our readers think about the design? If I call the design ‘the best solution to notch or punch-hole’., would you agree with me?

Source: IF WorldDesign Guide

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