ZTE to invade UK smartphone market


20, 2009

Author Surur // in News

dsc0030xbd ZTE, a major mobile phone OEM in China, is spreading its wings and taking on the international smartphone market, and is using Windows Mobile to do it.

The company has been working with the TMN network in Portugal, where it released its Bluebelt smartphone 6 months ago, grabbing 30% of the smartphone market with its sleek and low-cost Windows Mobile smartphone.

Its now planning to move into the UK market next year with a similar device.

ZTE UK head of terminal operation Wu Sa told Mobile News:  "3 has been ZTE’s customer since 2005 so for us this is a natural continuation of the business. Over the past two years our business has been predominantly based on mobile broadband which is still the case this year and certainly the majority of our business with 3 comes from supplying mobile broadband dongles.

The company, who’s strength in UK has been mobile broadband dongles, is looking to increase the percentage of handsets it release there from 10% to 45% by the end of Q4.

"We have good reason to believe that with the benefit we are bringing to the carrier and the consumer in the UK market that we will see a lot more growth in our handset business next year. By next year you will start to see a lot more handsets through ZTE in the UK market through more tier one carriers."

The company plans to feature social networking at the centre of its efforts.

Read more at mobilenewscwp.com.

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