ZTE Tania breaks price barrier, now only £199 unlocked


The lowest end Windows Phone, the ZTE Tania, which sports only 4 GB of storage (2.5 GB free), but with great looks and a large 4.3 inch screen, has had a price drop at Clove UK.

The second generation Windows Phone can now be had for only £165.83 (£199.00 including VAT), a whole £50 down from the launch price 2 weeks ago.

Clove notes the handset now has a clear £100 advantage over the next cheapest second generation Windows Phones, the HTC Radar and Nokia Lumia 710, and even cheaper than the Gen 1 LG Optimus 7.

Of course the question will always remain whether any price point can compensate for the low storage, but presumably there are some who may find it works for them.

See the handset at Clove here.