ZTE says their folding Axon M is just the start

There has been an increasing momentum around folding smartphones, which would let smartphone screen sizes escape from the confines of being pocketable.

Despite interest from a number of companies it was ZTE which brought the first modern smartphone with a dual-screen design, the ZTE Axon M, exclusive to AT&T.

The device has had a middling reception, with reviewers criticizing the thickness of the device and Android’s somewhat clunky support for dual screens.

This does not seem to have put the company off, however, with  ZTE’s vice president of marketing Jeff Yee telling Engadget in an interview at CES 2018 that consumers who purchased the device like it, and that associated issues were simply because it’s “something new.”

He said the company planned to continue to support it with further updates but would also continue to experiment with the form factor, including reducing bezel size and eventually eliminating the dual-screen design for a completely seamless screen.

The space is expected to heat up over the next year, with Microsoft apparently working on their rumoured Surface Phone, which is expected to share significant design elements with the ZTE Axon M, while Samsung is believed to be preparing for the next generation with a proper folding screen of around 7.3 inches in size.

Via Phonearena