ZTE promises Windows Phone 7 handsets “according to Microsoft’s agenda”

ZTE will also be producing Windows Phone 7 handsetsRapidly growing Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE, currently the 7th largest OEM by volume, but rapidly creeping up to Sony Ericsson and Motorola, is promising to deliver a range of smartphones, including Windows Phone 7 devices soon.

The company, which has 30% of the Chinese market, and 4% worldwide, has been building relationships in the west, and currently ships handsets to 8 of the top 10 carriers in Europe. It has also been growing in Brazil, India and Russia.

While its Android roadmap is clear, the company’s vice president could not be as certain about the ship date of its Windows Phone 7 devices.

Zhang Xiaohong  vice president of ZTE’s handset product system business, said : “We will work according to Microsoft’s agenda to release our products.”

When the handsets finally come the likelihood is that they will be operator branded.

“We will continue to release devices under operator-brands in Europe, and will increase the number of products on which we share some branding. Own-branded devices will come further down the line” she said.

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