ZTE Orbit previewed

MWC: ZTE Orbit Hands-On | Pocketnow

orbitspecsPocketnow have posted this brief look at the ZTE Orbit, ZTE’s new low-end Windows Phone.

According to the information leaflet the phone is said to run Tango 2, which is said to be the version of Tango without the 256 MB limitations.  Again according to the information leaflet (but not the actual device) the handset has 512 MB RAM and a 1Ghz processor, which of course elevates it above the Nokia Lumia 610, with its 800 Mhz processor and 256 MB RAM. 

On the other hand the Lumia 610 has 8 GB of storage while the ZTE Orbit only has 4 GB, like the ZTE Tania.

The built quality is said to be somewhat less polished, with a plasticky feel, and the screen is said to have a poor viewing angle, much like the ZTE Tania.

Of course the handset is said to have a feature not present in even high end windows phones – NFC, though no-one has seen this implemented yet.

It seems in the search for a low-end Windows Phone the choice will remain pretty complicated.