ZTE envisions an innovative punch-hole camera design



While punch-hole camera design considered to be a better design than the notch, displays with punch-hole design have their flaws and that includes compromise in the viewing experience.

ZTE, however, is at work in making the idea of a punch-hole better design better than what it’s today. The company filed a patent, wherein they discussed a tiny punch-hole camera system that will be hard for the user to spot on the screen. ZTE is not interested in hiding the design by turning it into something else, rather, it’s the position of the punch-hole that will be unique.

The punch-hole camera design is located on the upper right side of the display where icons such as the battery, cellular network, wifi, etc, get displayed. While the design will go unnoticed when you’re on the home screen, playing a video content will expose the downside of having a punch-hole camera design as it does on other hole-punch camera smartphones like the Galaxy Note 10 and S10 series.

Aside from the innovative punch-hole camera design, another interesting innovation that was discussed in the patent application is the ‘sound wave transmission area’ on the display. This technology will help the manufacturer place the speaker, receiver and / or the microphone under the display. However, this is something that we have already seen on LG G8 ThinQ.

We might see these technologies in upcoming ZTE smartphones, but since this is just a patent, don’t get your hopes up.

via LetsGoDigital

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