ZTE also making Windows Phone 7 devices?


18, 2010

ztewp7 We have mentioned ZTE a few times at WMPU, mostly in reference to the Chinese market, but also in connection with Windows Mobile smartphones in USA and UK.

Now the company has announced, despite not being listed as a launch partner, it will in fact also be producing a Windows phone 7 device at the end of the year.

"We have our Windows Phone 7 that we are going to launch in Q4 at the end of this year," said ZTE Europe CEO Lin Qiang.

Due to the sheer size of the Chinese market ZTE is one of the biggest cell phone manufacturers in the world, and the company has clear ambitions to spread world wide.

The company also has plans to continue shipped Windows Mobile 6.5 (now Windows Phone Classic) devices, which should be free to licensees in developing countries and will make a good low-cost platform.

"We will develop 7 and 6.5 devices in parallel," Qiang said. "The requirements of hardware are totally different."

Given the new emphasis on uniformity and quality of experience Microsoft has recently revealed, and the hope that updates will now come directly from Microsoft instead of from OEM’s, are our readers now more willing to buy devices from lesser known OEMs than before? Let us know below.


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