ZoomBar exploited for Touch Pro 2, Diamond 2 and HD

Good news for HTC Touch Pro 2, Diamond 2 and HD users.

Cobaltikus has discovered how to access the ZoomBar.

TouchLockPro *FREE* version 2.9 is the first locking solution, which uses this for unlocking the phone!

 Try the amazing *FREE* TouchLockPro version 2.9, which is different from the other locking solutions.


  • No foreground window, like other solutions
  • BattClock
  • Supports a lot of sensors for locking/unlocking
  • Very, very small in memory (38 Kb) and resource usage
  • And now also supports the ZoomBar for unlocking via triple touch, slide left or right

Try *FREE* TouchLockPro version 2.9, more information and download here and discover the amazing ZoomBar unlock.