For such a young company Zoom has rapidly become an integral part of how many governments are doing business.

On occasion, this leads to trouble, such as today when Zoom has an extended outage, with users unable to join or host meetings.

This prevented journalists from virtually attending UK’s official government briefing on the COVID-19 crisis, with journalists having to submit questions in writing instead.

The issue appeared to hit UK particularly hard, but problems were felt as far afield as US, interrupting virtual church services in both countries.

“Zoom users impacted by this issue should now be able to host, join & participate in Zoom Meetings & Zoom Video Webinars if they restart their sessions. We continue to assess & monitor. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused,” the company tweeted.

Zoom is hosted on Oracle’s cloud, and it remains to be seen if that company is up to providing the demanding level of service such a widely used video conferencing solution requires.

Via the Guardian