In an effort to tighten security, Zoom has been working on several new features for quite some time. The company has recently added waiting rooms, a feature that will allow the admins to select attendees they want to allow into the Zoom session. The feature was primarily aimed at preventing “zoombombing” by unwanted guests. It also added password protection for additional security.

Now, from May 9, the password requirement will also be extended to free accounts as well. “On May 9th, basic (aka free) accounts will need to use passwords for all meetings. Waiting rooms and host-only screen sharing will be on by default for these free users, too,” Engadget reported.

For those unaware, zoombombing is basically a type of cyberattack where an uninvited person bombs Zoom calls with random videos and even pornography, causing disruption.

While the security measure that was taken by the company to prevent zoombombing is certainly praise-worthy, constant Zoom harassment campaigns forced many users to look for alternatives like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams. Last month, the New York City Department of Education banned Zoom usage for remote learning and instructed teachers to use alternatives like Microsoft’s Teams.