Last week we reported that Zoom has surpassed 300 million active users amid the coronavirus pandemic. As it turns out, those numbers were not true and Zoom failed to clarify an important point when making the initial statement.

When Zoom published the initial statement, the company said it had surpassed “more than 300 million daily users.” The company later redacted the statement which now says “300 million daily Zoom meeting participants.” At first instance, it might not look like a huge change but it is an important change. Daily Active Users or DAU meant that there are 300 million people who were using the app every day.

On the other hand, daily meeting participants meant that there are 300 million meeting participants and if you’re having ten meetings every day then it will count you as ten different people. This is an easy but misleading way of reporting the numbers. Zoom published the correction a day after the initial news was published but by then the app had already made headlines across the globe.

In a statement to The Verge, the company clarified the mistake:

We are humbled and proud to help over 300 million daily meeting participants stay connected during this pandemic. In a blog post on April 22, we unintentionally referred to these participants as “users” and “people.” When we realized this error, we adjusted the wording to “participants.” This was a genuine oversight on our part.

– Zoom

Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom has seen a boom in the usage which put the company on the radar of almost everyone. The newfound popularity, however, came at a cost as the app was dissected by researchers around the globe who uncovered numerous flaws in the app.