Zoom gets Focus Mode to reduce classroom distraction


12, 2021

Author Surur // in News

Zoom has announced a new feature for education settings designed to reduce distractions in the classroom.

Focus Mode will prevent classroom attendees from seeing each other, while still being able to see the teacher, but allow the teacher to keep an eye on all the attendees.

focus mode

Attendees can still see themselves and any video being shared as part of screen sharing. They are also able to see the names of other attendees and their emoji reactions, but not their video stream.

It is similar to Webinar mode, but simpler to use and easily accessible via the more button, and can be easily activated and deactivated as circumstances require.

Unlike Webinar mode, it is also available on free accounts, and can be locked on by admins for accounts, groups and individual users.

Read more about the feature at Zoom here.

via the verge

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