The Novel Coronavirus outbreak has forced employees to work from home which increased the demand for collaboration apps like Zoom and Teams. While Zoom has been a saviour for many, it has also exposed a problem with the work from the home model- employees invading your private space.

To combat the problem, popular graphics tool Canva has released a new background creator tool for Zoom. The tool allows users to take advantage of Canva’s library containing millions of images, illustrations and customize them with easy-to-use editing tools. Canva is free to use and you will need to sign up to take advantage of the new background creator tool.

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To upload your creation, open Zoom Settings and look for an option called Virtual Background and upload the image you created with Canva. Once done, you will be able to video call with your colleagues without worrying about your messy room or your home office. Unfortunately, the tool only supports Zoom at the moment and we have no word on if or when Canva plans to bring support for other apps.