Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, Zoom has seen an influx of users who are using the platform to stay connected to their loved ones or use it as a video conferencing tool while working from home. We have reported several vulnerabilities in the past but it looks like the company is taking things seriously.

The company is also a victim of Zoombombing is basically bombing Zoom calls with random videos and even pornography. However, to tackle the problem, Zoom has enabled waiting rooms by default. This will allow the admins to select attendees they want to allow into the Zoom session and will curb Zoombombing. The company has also enabled password protection for additional security.

We’ve chosen to enable passwords on your meetings and turn on Waiting Rooms by default as additional security enhancements to protect your privacy.

– Zoom

Zoom’s CEO Eric Yuan noted that the software was never intended to be used by millions of users. He said that Zoom was initially designed “for enterprise customers – large institutions with full IT support.” That said, the company is now working hard to make the software safe for millions of users who are currently relying on it while working from home.

Via TechCrunch; Neowin