Zoom coming soon to Amazon Echo Show, Portal from Facebook, and Google Nest Hub Max



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Zoom today announced that it will bring Zoom video conference experience to Amazon Echo Show, Portal from Facebook, and Google Nest Hub Max smart displays. Zoom on Facebook Portal will be available in September while Zoom on Amazon Echo Show and Zoom on Nest Hub Max will be available late fall 2020.

Zoom on Portal features:

  • One-touch “join meeting” features to all your Zoom meetings with Zoom on Portal from Facebook.
  • Portal’s Smart Camera technology automatically keeps you in frame, making camera controls simple for immersive video calls.

Zoom on Amazon Echo Show:

  • You can just say “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting” to join a meeting.
  • And, if you’ve linked your calendar in the Alexa app, Alexa will automatically start your scheduled meeting entirely hands-free without you needing to know your meeting ID or passcode.
  • Zoom will be coming to Echo Show 8 first.

Zoom on Nest Hub Max:

  • Google Nest Hub Max’s smart camera with Face Match displays your relevant information, like upcoming Zoom meetings.
  • And with Google Calendar and Google Assistant integration, joining is as easy as saying, “Hey Google, join my Zoom meeting.”

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