Zoom bar coming to your HTC Touch HD


19, 2009


There is not much difference between the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and the HTC Touch HD (and what is there is mainly towards the HD) but there is one desirable feature the HD certainly lacks – the Zoom bar.

It seems XDA-Developer.com hacker namuk was not going to leave that deficit lie however.  He has created some software which turns the 4 keys (phone call start, end, home and back) into a Zoom bar, and has it functioning in in Opera Mobile, the photo application, camera application and Pocket Office. The normal function of the keys can be accessed by a long press on the button.

The software has not been released yet, but the first beta should be available on the 21/5/09. With many Touch HD’s already running the Touch Diamond 2 version of TouchFlo3D this development will make it even harder for buyers to choose between these two great devices.

Read more in this XDA-Developers thread.

Via Mylostblog.it (Italian), thanks Jenny for the tip.

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