Zoom has seen an unprecedented growth ever since the coronavirus pandemic first began. The company, however, has faced a lot of backlash for not taking customer privacy seriously which forced the company to freeze feature releases for 90-days to patch the neverending list of vulnerabilities.

Today, the company has announced that it will be allowing premium users to opt-out of certain data center regions. In a blog post, Zoom said it will be allowing customers to select certain regions through which Zoom will be routing the video calls. This comes just weeks after the company admitted that it routed some of the calls through China by mistake. The new feature will be rolling out to premium users on April 18.

  1. Starting April 18, with respect to data in transit, Zoom admins and account owners of paid accounts can, at the account, group, or user level:
    • Opt out of specific data center regions
    • Opt in to specific data center regions
  2. You will not be able to change or opt out of your default region, which will be locked. The default region is the region where a customer’s account is provisioned. For the majority of our customers, this is the United States.

Zoom highlighted some additional details that people need to consider while using this feature:

  • Zoom provides services out of our own Zoom-managed colocation centers, as well as a robust public cloud architecture. The regional selection will be honored regardless of which underlying resource is leveraged for the meeting.
  • Zoom Conference Room Connectors (CRCs) in disabled regions will not be allowed to connect to meetings or webinars.
  • Regional dial-in numbers are disabled when a region is disabled.
  • Currently, our data centers are grouped into these regions: the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, China, Latin America, and Japan/Hong Kong.
  • Free users will be locked to data centers within their default region where their account is provisioned. For the majority of our free users, this is the United States. Data of free users outside of China will never be routed through China.
  • For users based in China, if your account admin has not opted into the China data center by April 25, your account will not be able to connect to our mainland China data center for data transit.
  • As a reminder, meeting servers in China have always been geofenced with the goal of ensuring that meeting data of users outside of China, stays outside of China. On April 3, we removed all of our HTTPS tunneling servers in China to prevent any inadvertent connection through China.