Zombies!!! Developer confident of Windows Phone 7 success

Andreja Djokovic – CEO  and founder of Babaroga  and developer of the Zombies!!!, Zombies!!!, Need for Speed, The Sims 3 and Monopoly has spoken to PocketGamer.biz about his experience of Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and how he sees the future of the platform.

His titles, which are mostly recognizable big names and which have consistently been in the top 10, has been performing great earnings-wise:

My feeling that all four of our games – Zombies!!!, Need for Speed, The Sims 3and Monopoly – have been performing quite well, and if you look at the charts, their standing is pretty high. Zombies!!! has a pretty strong following from fans of the board game, but I also think it’s very accessible to new users.

Zombies!!! has been in the top 10 for an extended period of time. So we are quite happy with its position. Obviously, it doesn’t generate the same number of sales as a top 10 spot on iOS, but it outweighs other platforms like BlackBerry with much higher device coverage and much higher port cost.

A recent developer survey has indicated Windows Phone 7, despite its much smaller installed base, has overtaken Blackberry in developer interest.

Asked about Marketplace in general he noted:

It’s no secret that WP7’s market share is not high, but I agree with the projections that say it will grow, and Microsoft is taking the platform seriously.
The same was said for Android a couple of years back when it launched. Many suggested that it would not perform well against iOS. Look at it now.
Marketplace is performing well. Initially, its performance was modest, but with every passing month the numbers are getting better. Anecdotally, I can say a couple of Xbox Live games have done better on WP7 that the same games on RIM devices, with less expense and trouble.

His company planned to continue to invest in Windows Phone 7.

We worked on four launch titles for WP7, we just finished two more, and we are looking to start a few more this quarter.
We will be releasing updates and downloadable expansion packs as well as introducing really cool features to our Zombies!!!. We are strongly embedded into the WP7 platform – we see a growing potential.

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