Zombie Madness II is today’s MyAppFree deal


As part of Halloween-themed series, today’s MyAppFree deal is Zombie Madness II.

“Zombie Madness II” is the perfect mix between strategy and madness for your screen. It combines mechanics from tower defense games and zombie shooters. Loads of terrible Zombies are going to invade your position. Your task? To hold it at any costs!

The game is very easy to pick up, very hard to put down and features:

  • Choose from a legendary collection of classic World War 2 guns (Thompson machine gun, PPSH41, Karabiner 98…) and grenades!
  • Train your squad with various skill combinations – “Piercing Shot”, “Fast Reload”, “Sniper”…
  • Expand your squads, train new soldiers
  • A lot of gun fire, a lot of blood, and a lot of zombie limbs blowing off!

See screen shots of the game below:

Find the game in the Windows Store here:

Zombie Madness II
Zombie Madness II
Developer: Lumosoft
Price: Free