Zombie Attack Developer: Windows Phone 7 rates ahead of Android, Blackberry as developer platform

raceonIUGO’s VP of Business Development, Sarah Thomson, told Pocket Gamer.biz that she ranked Windows Phone 7 just below iPhone as a development platform, and much ahead of Android and RIM.

The company who has been in the mobile game market for 7 years, and cut their teeth on J2ME, BREW and Symbian, rated the iPhone the highest, and have released 15 games already on the platform, some of which did well and some not so good.

Praising the elimination of fragmentation as revolutionary, the issue of discoverability in the massive app store , Apple’s poor communication with developers and hypocrisy with approvals process of course remained sore points.

IUGO rated the platform an 8/10.

Calling Windows phone 7 “delightful to work with” the company has already released 6 titles on the OS.

She writes “Microsoft’s focus on gaming makes us sparkle and giggle with joy. The notion of convergent gaming with the implementation of Xbox Live is an awesome strategic and forward-thinking move. IUGO has embraced Windows Phone 7, and hopes the platform thrives so we can too.”

Windows Phone 7 rated 7/10.

Android only rated a 4/10, with issues with fragmentation, carrier lock, refund policies and expectations from users that software should be free meant that, despite the large number of handsets out, “if there’s no money to be made, install base size means diddly squat”.

RIM’s Blackberry OS also scored a low 4/10, again due to app usage being dominated by carrier stores, despite the Blackberry app world, and also because the handsets are just not designed for gaming.

“I wish we could tap into the vast BlackBerry userbase, but as it stands, IUGO won’t be doing too much more for the platform.” she writes.

Sarah concludes “In the medium term, I hope to see Windows Phone 7 take the middle ground in between Apple and Android; balancing out Apple’s restrictive, closed environment with Android free-for-all open platform.”

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