Zoho Notebook now works in Microsoft Teams

October 21, 2020
Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft yesterday announced that Zoho Notebooks integration is now available in Microsoft Teams. With this availability, you can create, access, and edit all your note cards on Zoho Notebooks without leaving Teams experience.

Microsoft also announced an exclusive offers for Microsoft Teams customers. You can sign up before December 31, 2020 and get Zoho Wallet credits worth $500 USD, valid for 60 days. The wallet credits can be used for the purchase of any Zoho app or for edition upgrades.

Here’s how you can avail the offer:

  1. Sign up via this link: https://www.zoho.com/wallet/?cn=Microsoft2Zoho
  2. $500 USD will be automatically added in your Zoho wallet
  3. Voila! You can purchase any Zoho product using your Zoho Wallet credits within the next 60 days.

Source: Microsoft

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