Zhiing – tell people how to find you using your Windows Mobile phone

Zhiing is a location based service which lets you send messages with live GPS coordinates to a mobile phone, so you can effortlessly find the people and places, and of course they can find you. With Zhiing you can send directions to anyone, anytime, over any network without a hassle.

You can also use Zhiing’s browser add-on to send zhiings from your computer to any mobile phone.

Zhiing application and services are free (standard data and messaging charges for the receiver’s mobile carrier may apply.) Even mobile devices that are not currently supported will receive SMS messages with turn-by-turn directions when they reply to the incoming zhiing with their current location.

To use simply enter the mobile number you want to zhiing and hit send. Your zhiing buddy receives not only your text message (with up to 25x more message space than an SMS), but a dynamic map showing turn-by-turn directions of where you’re at, or where want to meet!

See the demo on the iPhone above.

Read more here and download the application for your phone here.

Via Freewareppc.net.