Zenforms: The Platform for Seamless Form Building, Team Collaboration, and Data Management

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Data collection through forms is one of the essential steps companies can do to ensure they are making the right decisions. It guides them in molding their products and making the right decisions for their businesses. However, the task itself can be a demanding procedure without the proper tools. Enter Zenforms, a form-creation app with real-time collaboration capability.

Zenforms Features:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Duplicate check
  • Subforms
  • Text, date, and number inputs
  • Formulas
  • Drawing input
  • Checkboxes
  • Multiple choices
  • File input
  • References functionality
  • Scheduling resources
  • Sending confirmation emails to form participants
  • Use of data from existing collections
  • Zenkit Suite integration
  • Mobile ready
  • Native app support
  • Offline Mode support
  • Real-time collaboration among all members of the team
  • Kanban View
  • Advanced administration features
  • SCIM provisioning
  • Two-factor authentication
  • User and group role designation

What is Zenforms for?

The use of paper and pencil still exists as one of the ways to collect data but with the new setup now of workplaces and businesses, going digital is a must. The thing is, producing forms can be a lot of work. This is what Zenforms is trying to resolve. It is a form builder that requires no code, which makes things practical and intuitive for all users. It offers a handful of ready-to-use tools and features to produce comprehensive forms that will be capable of collecting all the bits of information you need for specific purposes, from gathering insightful data for the next product launch to getting valuable feedback from customers.

Zenforms has one-click features to include essential elements in the form, such as checkboxes, text, dates, numbers, multiple choices, formulas or calculations, and more. Even better, you can add audio and video files and even simple drawings or illustrations anywhere –  in forms, comments, and tasks. Doing so will make your forms more interesting and engaging and you can be sure to have better communication with participants that will answer them and more reliable and immersive data as a result.

The app, however, isn’t just about making form building easy. It also makes sure you are ticking all the boxes for the data you need through subforms. These are multi-level data forms that you can use to dig deeper when your data collection involves complex topics and ideas that require additional information or an extra layer of understanding. For example, an invoice that includes a list of products or a reservation with a list of persons. In this way, you don’t have to chuck every element in a single form, which can just cause confusion and make the form complicated for those who will answer it. As Zenforms describe it, its subforms “create a natural dialogue with a natural flow of questions and answers, much like a conversation.”

How does Zenforms make your work easier?

Zenforms’ functions extend even further in guiding users in analyzing and comparing the data collected. Being a part of the Zenkit Suit, a cloud-based project management solution, you have one single place where you can store new data and access the pre-existing data. This also means you can use the other information collected through other products of Zenkit Suit to compare things seamlessly.

Specifically, it sports the Kanban View that lets you view and manage the results of your forms and the Reference feature that syncs your data by connecting items to create a completely custom relational database.

Moreover, you can lean on Base to structure work, Hypernotes to create knowledge bases, To-Do tool to create tasks, Projects to analyze results, and Zenchat to communicate with all of the team members and form-building contributors. This access to other project management tools can make your form and survey creation and analysis faster and smoother.

Zenkit Suite integration means more: collaboration with other team members. The environment made by Zenkit provides a way for users to communicate when working on a single project where all have their own pieces of recommendations and suggestions to share.

With its real-time collaboration capability, you can invite colleagues, freelancers, and co-workers when handling a specific project. Then, every user can have their own input in the creation of a base of information and analytical research.

It translates to decreased chances of miscommunication and increased coordination for the entire team. What’s more, Zemnkit gives you the ability to assign user and group roles and effortlessly send a confirmation email to all form participants.

Data checking is also a cinch for Zenform users, thanks to its Duplicate Data Checking feature. It isn’t the biggest feature in the app, but it can be really helpful in preventing any problems that can result in the messy cleanup of your spreadsheet or database in the future. Through this function, you can check for duplicate data entries before inserting them into your database. You can also specify which data fields should be double-checked, making the data checking more specific and easy for you.

Lastly, Zenforms can also perform other technical functions, such as monitoring and auditing user activities, using SAML-based SSO, and managing users with provisioning. Add to that, there is an option to use a SCIM-Provider to ensure the users are automatically in sync with the rest of the infrastructure.

Zenfit offers convenience and solid data privacy

Zenkit also made sure that the app will always be accessible for all users. It supports different platforms, such as Web, IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS, which means you can create, edit, and publish forms either by using a computer or phone.

Plus, it has an Offline Mode in the web version of the app, so you can continuously formulate your forms with or without an internet connection. Here’s another bonus: Zenforms is GDPR and data privacy compliant, guaranteeing clearly-defined data privacy policies and transparency in all data use. According to the company, the data processing of the app is compliant with the principles outlined in Article 5.1-2.

German servers host the app so you can be sure of its quality in all security and privacy aspects. And as additional security measures for the critical data users have, Zenforms encrypts data during the hibernation mode of the device. All backup data exclusively stored on German servers are also encrypted, while all transferred data are TLS encrypted.

For more information about Zenforms and all the other products of Zenkit, click here.

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