Zauba delivers again, reveals high end 5.2 inch Lumia


Its seems Indian importation tracking site is a gift that keeps on giving.

After revealing unannounced high end Samsung and low end Nokia handsets, it has now also revealed a new high end Lumia, with product code RM-964.

The handset has a quoted value of INR 34,524 ($560) which places it in the same league as the Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1020, suggesting similar advances specs such as a 1080P screen.

NPU suggests this may be the aluminium-clad phablet-type device which was leaked many months ago, but with so many phablets coming and going we will have to wait a bit longer for more confirmation.

What is certainly certain is that Nokia’s device pipeline has not been put on hold pending the merger, and we will be seeing many more new Windows Phones in the next year.

Thanks Lochu for the tip.