Zangi Messaging App Coming To Windows Phone Devices In Coming Months



Zangi Windows Phone app
Zangi is a cross platform voice, video and messaging application for your phone and the web. Zangi has released iOS app so far, and Android and Windows Phone apps are in development. Zangi revealed that they are planning to release it in 2-3 months time frame. Zangi is basically a Skype alternative which requires just a mobile number for registration. Zangi claims that they have little competition when it comes to quality voice and video streaming due to our innovative packet data transmission control and optimization solutions.


Free Calls :

Enjoy HD quality voice even with lowest bandwidth Internet connection.

Free Video:

Enjoy HD quality video: crisp and stable streaming with ability to flip your phone to have better view angle.

Free Messaging:

Exchange unlimited number of free messages with your friends and family. The video call window allows instant messaging while video is on.

Free Roaming:

Save on international calls and roaming while traveling! Get any foreign mobile SIM card and register it at “My roamings” section under your Zangi profile. All calls made to your original number will automatically be directed to your new foreign number, while the caller will be charged at Zangi VoIP rates. Have several international numbers? No problem, add them all.


You have a slow Internet connection? Your contact has no Internet connection? Use Zangi’s Callback. Dial the number you wish to connect to and press the Callback button. The system will first dial your registered number (or your Roaming number when activated), then dial the other party and connect you via VoIP gateway. We will charge you for two simultaneous calls at regular VoIP rates: no additional charges or hidden fees apply.
Calls and SMS messages to regular mobile and landline phones

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