YouTube will start suppressing conspiracy theorists and fake news videos in the UK



YouTube is tweaking its recommendations engine in the UK to reduce conspiracy theories, as per a report from TechCrunch. The platform has been criticized for enabling and spreading conspiratorial content like climate change denial and Sandy Hook conspiracy theories among other fake news.

The firm told TechCrunch it had started suppressing the content in the UK in addition to the US, but said the process had yet to take full effect.

YouTube’s reduce strategy is part of its four R’s which also include removal of infringing content, raising up of valuable content and rewarding trusted creators:

We REDUCE the spread of content that brushes right up against our policy line. Already, in the U.S. where we made changes to recommendations earlier this year, we’ve seen a 50% drop of views from recommendations to this type of content, meaning quality content has more of a chance to shine. And we’ve begun experimenting with this change in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and other English-language markets.”

This week, YouTube’s Susan Susan Wojcicki acknowledged its responsibilities towards users of the platform in an open letter.

“Problematic content represents a fraction of one percent of the content on YouTube and we’re constantly working to reduce this even further. This very small amount has a hugely outsized impact, both in the potential harm for our users, as well as the loss of faith in the open model that has enabled the rise of your creative community,” She said on Tuesday.

Source: TechCrunch

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