YouTube expands its take a break feature for underage users

November 2, 2023

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YouTube is expanding its Take a Break feature for underage users to help them take breaks from watching videos more frequently. It pretty much works like the time limit screen feature on iPhones, plus a few tweaks here and there for users.

The feature, which was announced a few years back, actually pretty much works like the time limit screen plus a few tweaks here and there for users.

YouTube’s Take a Break reminders will now show up every 60 minutes as a full-screen takeover on both Shorts and long-form videos for underage users by default. Of course, family members do have a say in adjusting this in the settings.

“It’s healthy for teens to choose what they watch because they are exploring their interests, and seeing the world from different perspectives,” says YouTube’s Yalda T. Uhls in the official announcement.

The video-sharing platform is also adding a new full-page experience for crisis resource panels. This will help users pause and find helpful content when they search for certain queries related to suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders.

The new full-page crisis resource panel experience is now available to all viewers, regardless of age, in countries where crisis resource panels are available.

Not too long ago, we also reported that Google will change how users control ads on YouTube and where they appear under new rules.

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