YouTube is working on an non-algorithmic educational playlists


12, 2019

YouTube’s algorithm is pretty much a pipeline into hell, and the firm has recognised that. After coming under fire for the kind of content its algorithm sends users to — both in the Kids and regular YouTube app, it will not extend its recommendations engine to the new YouTube education initiative.

This initiative is essentially is known as Learning Playlists, a selection of landing pages that would offer up curated content for learners.

These new Learning Playlists would be different from regular playlists. As I just mentioned, they’ll have manually curated videos on various supports like math, science, language etc. They’ll be organized with a particular learning structure in mind, much with regular old fashioned paper textbooks.

With Learning Playlists, Google isn’t risking any flat earther or white supremacy scandals in the making. It’s simply removing recommendations wholesale. In addition to that, there won’t be any autoplay. It’s like a dream version of YouTube, but for Students. Google will add more content to these playlists in future, including from partners like Khan Academy and Ted-Ed.

Via: The Verge

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