There’s been a death in the YouTube family and its name is YouTube Gaming.

Google has announced that the gaming exclusive application for YouTube content will be shut down in just three days. On May 30th 2019, the service’s standalone app will be taken behind the back of the Google shed and be promptly put down.

YouTube Gaming was an inventive project for the streaming service that planned to keep irrelevant content away from gamers as if they only enjoyed gaming content and gaming content only. Many, like myself, just kept watching gaming content on the main version of YouTube anyway; it was easier, simpler and didn’t gatekeep any genres away from me.

The service did end up improving the overall live streaming experience, although most of those improvements also made their way over to traditional YouTube anyway. From 2015 to 2019, YouTube Gaming was, is, and always will be, useless.

From now on, the service will only be available on the official website, but it will be tweaked. Instead of the full version we had before, it will now show a personalized library of content for users.

YouTube player

For now, gaming exclusive content will thrive on streaming services like Microsoft’s Mixer or Amazon’s Twitch.

Source: The Verge