We have complained before that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm often recommends content you have seen before or content that is old and stale.

Google has finally responded with a new feature called  “New to you”.  New to you is designed to help you discover new creators and fresh content, beyond the recommended videos you normally see.

New to you is available now. To try it out simply tap “New to you” in the topic bar. You may also see a “New to you” prompt as you scroll through your feed.

New to you appearing on pull to refresh

New to you appearing in-feed

The feature will allow YouTube users to see new creators and new videos after they have caught up on their regular recommendations.

“New to you” is now available on the YouTube homepage across mobile, desktop, and TV devices. Since this feature is personalized, it may not always be available, and you’ll need to be signed-in to see it.

via XDA-Dev.