YouTube adds smart downloads for Premium Subscribers


13, 2019

Google added Smart Downloads to YouTube Music, a feature that would automatically download the songs and playlists you were most likely to listen to if you were offline. For example, in the woods, or in a poor coverage area.

Now, Google has extended a version of this feature to the regular YouTube app. In sync with its new ‘topics’ feature, which started rolling out this week, users can now mark topics and subjects for automatic downloads. There are some caveats to this. For one: you’ll need to be a YouTube Premium Subscriber to have access to it of course. Secondly, not all users have access to it yet. Like with most YouTube features, its probably a server-side feature being rolled out gradually.

When it does arrive, it’ll make long tube commutes that much easier at the very least.

Coverage: Android Police, Engadget

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