YouRang–easily turn Youtube videos into Ringtones

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Many of us enjoy having custom ringtones on our phones which, thankfully, Windows Phone allows you to do so. But, the process of creating custom ringtones can be fairly involved for most. Various ringtone apps in the Marketplace have addressed this. However, most of these apps provide a preset number of ringtones which cannot be adjusted or altered to the user’s liking.

Enter YouRang. YouRang is a brilliantly simple app which allows you to create ringtones from YouTube videos. That is to say, anything you find on Youtube can be downloaded and made into a ringtone.

imageYouRang is designed to be a simple and fast way to get custom ringtones onto your Windows Phone device made from your favorite songs, movies, cat videos (especially cat videos), sound bites, news clips, and so on. YouRang is free and ad supported. You can download the app from your Windows Phone or from the Web Marketplace .

You can find YouRang in the Marketplace Web Marketplace.