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Windows Phone is known to be greatly personalizable. Not in terms of deep OS personalization, but when it comes to how personal the smartphone can be set it may actually be the best OS out there.

Not only can Live Tiles be (re-)arranged and resized very flexibly, so everyone can have their own personal start screen which shows only what’s important to them, but it can also match the outfit very well.
Some Windows Phones, mostly Nokia Lumia devices such as the Lumia 830 or 730 for example, have swappable back covers. These can be swapped every day depending on one’s mood, or maybe outfit.


Now, I am mostly two things: Very much into Men’s fashion, and I can never decide. Even the smallest decisions end up in a dilemma. At first I also never could chose an accent color for my phone. With Windows Phone 7 the pattern of colors was – fortunately for me – limited to ten colors, but with Windows Phone 8 the available colors doubled and, well, you can guess how that ended Zwinkerndes Smiley
However, I quickly figured I can match my Windows Phone to my current outfit. If it is supposed to fit to me, then why not to my outfit as well? With Windows Phone 8.1 no new colors were added, but the option to set a custom picture as a wallpaper on the start screen was. This is such a basic feature, but it makes the phone so much more personal, and to be honest, now I cannot believe I actually once liked that uni-color interface. I can change my phone’s interface with just a fingertip to match my mood, or more likely, my outfit.

“Unfortunately” I have a Lumia 1520 which does not have a swappable back cover. If it had I surely also would have numerous covers which I would change every day. Let’s face it: What is your most important thing, what is always by your side? Your phone. Why not make it an accessory?


The point of all this is that Windows Phone may in fact be not only the most personal, but also the most stylish smartphone. On your Android and iOS device you can change the wallpaper which is behind the colorful icons. May look quite good actually, but is not very outfit-friendly. Only on Windows Phone you will get to change the whole devices look only by changing the color or wallpaper, and with swappable back covers on some devices, which, unlike iPhone cases, will not disturb the look and feel of your phone, it will become your most stylish, most adapting and most personal every day accessory. And if a phone does not have the option to change the back cover, just get it in your favorite color. Most Windows Phones are available in numerous, more or less discreet colors.

What once was the watch rounding up your outfit, now is your Windows Phone!

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