Your Phone’s latest feature will mean you no longer need to chase notifications


26, 2019

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is great for bringing phone notifications over to your desktop, but this also introduces a new annoyance.

No, not the duplicated notifications for email and so forth. That is pretty annoying but more annoying is having to respond rapidly to an actionable notification with inline replies before it disappears into the action centre.

For some time now Windows 10 users have been able to reply to notifications from their phone inline from the toast message, but if you are too slow the message will be dismissed.

In the latest improvement to the app, users will now be able to revisit the notification in the Notifications tab in the Your Phone app and reply to the notification from there.

The feature is currently only available to Insiders and the news was delivered by Aarthi Hatter, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.

These features normally take some time to roll out, even to Insiders. Have any of our readers been able to test it yet? Let us know below.

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