Your Microsoft bought books should stop working shortly

Buying physical media, unlike digital media, has a sense of surety. At the very least, you can rest assured that once the book is yours the store staff would no longer be able to charge into your home and snatch it away from you. Not so with digital. Grom this week, any customers who have purchased e-books from the Microsoft Store should be aware that the firm is about to pull all e-books from download — even the ones you’re reading.

Of course, just because Microsoft is the only one shutting down doesn’t mean your data is safe with Apple, Google or any other company. Any firm could shut down at any time. ‘Buying’ digital media is a long-term risk for consumers, a gamble that the company’s servers will stay open for as long as you want to access your content. This makes it easier to pick established players against newcomers for a sense of assured longevity.

Microsoft hasn’t given any further clarity on when your books should stop working but let’s just say you really shouldn’t stall on the latest James Patterson tome if you’re halfway through.

Source: Microsoft