Your burning Nokia questions, summarized

Nokia Reinvented

Before leaving for Nokia World we put out a request for questions the community is burning to get answered.  As I sit here in my extremely  luxurious  hotel room I have collated and summarized the 70-odd responses we got into a more  manageable  collection of questions.

I have divided the entries into feature requests, advice, questions and explanations, and one have to bear in mind that, unless  tongues  slip, it is unlikely Nokia will be able to  answer  most forward-looking questions on record.

We will however do our best to present most to the Nokia  officials  we meet tomorrow.

See the questions collated below.

Feature Requests

  • Micro SDXC?
  • Battery percentage meter, wifi widgets
  • Snapchat app?
  • Call Recording?
  • Detachable camera?  Phoneblocks, different materials? Metal (NL 925) Cyan?
  • File Manager? Second most requested feature on Uservoice
  • Notification centre, multi-upload, attach other files besides pictures
  • Waterproof handsets? Miracast?


  • 3 rows of live tiles for 720P handsets?
  • Will the NL1520 support the next major version of Windows Phone?
  • Why do no new handsets have Qi built-in?
  • How long will the NL 1520 be exclusive to AT&T?
  • Any more updates for Windows Phone 7.8?
  • Japanese market?
  • Was it premature to sell to Microsoft now  Lumia is gaining momentum?
  • Dropping the Lumia brand for smartphones?
  • Android rumours, 10,00 handsets
  • What will happen to Nokia’s own-brand apps? Will they go away or become available to other OEMs.
  • Big battery drain problem? When is a fix coming?
  • Will Nokia continue supporting their tablets after they merge with Microsoft? SIM Card support and other advantages over Surface.


  • Improve POI in Here Maps in North America
  • More marketing, Samsung billions in marketing, better branding?
  • Normal size high handsets less than 5 inches?
  • 8 inch tablets?
  • Lumia 720 successor?
  • Carrier exclusives hurt adoption


  • Why no Lumia on Sprint?
  • Why Windows RT and not Windows Pro?

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