Google Photos is the app that most of the Android smartphone users use to view photos, thanks to numerous useful features in the app. The good news is Google is working hard to bring more useful features to the Google Photos app in order to make the app useful to more people.

One of the features that Google is currently working on is giving users the ability to zoom into videos that are playing in the Google Photos app. Folks over at XDA have found pieces of evidence of the new feature in the Google Photos Version 4.33.

As you may have guessed it already, you’ll be able to use the pinch gesture to zoom into a video in the Google Photos app, so if you want to focus on particular details of a video, you’ll be able to do that just by using the pinch gesture. The feature is currently in the developing phase and will be rolled out to the general public once it’s ready.

In related news, Google recently added private messaging feature to the Google Photos app. The ability to manually tag faces in a photo is another important feature that Google added to Google Photos app.