Facebook is working on a new feature called ‘Screen Share’ for Facebook Messenger app. The feature will let you share the screen of your smartphone with the rest of the people that you’re connected via video chat.

By reverse-engineering the Facebook Messenger Android app, Jane Manchun Wong found pieces of evidence, which suggest that the social media giant has just started with the development of the feature.

The ‘Screen share’ option will be visible to you when you’re on a video or audio chat. Now, if you want to go ahead and share the screen of your smartphone, you will have to turn on the screen sharing feature. Turning on the feature will automatically turn off your smartphone camera and to let everyone see your screen.

This is a big development as the feature will benefit everyone who loves to connect with their friends via Facebook Messenger’s video chat. For example, if you want to show your friends as to how to switch on a particular feature in an app, you can easily do that by sharing your screen.

That said, as I mentioned, the feature is currently under development, meaning that we might have to wait a while before Facebook rolls out the feature to the public.