You’ll soon be able to remap the buttons on your Xbox One controller


Recently, Microsoft introduced the Xbox One Elite controller with quite a few customization features for pro-gamers. One of the most vital features of the Elite controller is the ability to remap the buttons. If you aren’t interested in paying £119 for the Elite controller and want to remap the buttons on your existing controller, you will be glad to know that the feature is coming to other Xbox One controllers soon.

Mike Ybarra, the Xbox and Windows Gaming Platform Director today confirmed on Twitter that the ability to remap the buttons on all Xbox One controller is coming soon:

It seems like the feature will be rolled out to users with the New Xbox One Experience as the feature is already available on the new preview. However, as expected, the feature doesn’t seem to work currently and it will likely start working sometime soon. Nonetheless, this should be a welcome addition for the Xbox One — what do you think? Discuss in the comment section below.