You won’t be able to buy crytocurrencies or gamble with the Apple Card



Apple’s Credit Card is coming soon, and its terms and conditions are already making waves online. As per Reuters, the firm has added a few common-sense limits to the card. Users won’t be able to use their Apple Card to purchase cryptocurrencies or lottery tickets, basically anything that’s a cash advance or a cash equivalent.

Furthermore, a user who has a jailbroken iPhone won’t be able to activate their Apple Card. Once again, this is already how banking apps on iOS and Android work. If a device has been jailbroken or rooted, apps like Google Pay and banking apps often stop working. In this case, Apple says that it may also close your credit account if you jailbreak after the fact (though that’s unlikely to happen right off the bat.)

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the Apple Card will be launching later this month as part of Apple’s move to diversify away from the iPhone. Analysts will be keeping a close eye on how Apple performs in a market which is not exactly its home market.

Source: Reuters 

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