Microsoft engineers have worked together with Google to improve native integration of Chrome Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with Windows 10.

Google is bringing a feature already supported by Edge to Chrome 86, where you will be able to uninstall PWAs from Windows 10 Settings and then also have the app uninstalled from Chrome.

A Microsoft engineer has posted this video demonstrating the new functionality.

The feature has been in the works for some time, but the Chromium branch where it was being developed was abandoned.  It has now been revived and merged into Chrome 86, meaning we should see it becoming generally available in the next few months.

Microsoft has been working on what they call a Hosted App Model which has allowed a proliferation of ways apps can be installed and run on Windows 10, and the process seems to be bearing fruit at present, including the recent example of being able to pin streaming Android apps to your Windows 10 taskbar via the Your Phone app.

Thanks Leo for the tip.