WhatsApp groups can sometimes be very annoying and while leaving those groups that you don’t want to part of will let you live in peace, things can turn into a nightmare if you can’t leave the groups that you don’t like. And in a situation like this, you’ll probably mute groups so that you don’t get distracted by what the participants of the groups are saying, but currently, you can Mute group notifications for a week and not more than that.

The good news is that WhatsApp is working on a solution. The Facebook-owned company is now working on a new feature that will let you mute WhatsApp group notifications forever, according to WhatsApp fan website WABetainfo. The feature is currently in the developmental phase and will be rolled out to the general public when it’s ready for prime time.

Currently, the max period available for you to mute WhatsApp groups is ‘1 year’. But now, the company is planning to replace the ‘1 year’ option with ‘Always’. And choosing the ‘Always’ option will mute groups forever and it’ll stay that way until you unmute those groups. This is not a major feature, but it’s definitely helpful for those who cannot leave groups that they don’t like.

Unfortunately, we don’t know as to when the feature will be available for the general users, but if WABetainfo is to be believed the feature will be available in the next updates.