Today when Microsoft revealed the Microsoft’s Project xCloud release date, Microsoft also unveiled an impressive lineup of officially licensed Xbox Mobile Gaming accessories to use with their upcoming streaming service.

Xbox Mobile Gaming accessories

While the controllers will certainly improve your gaming experience, the devices, such as the SN30 Pro, are likely to be rather expensive and will certainly be pretty bulky.

Fortunately, you won’t need a custom controller to play Xbox games on your mobile device.

For games which support Project xCloud, developers will also include custom touch controls mapped to the functions of the game.

In a Microsoft Game Stack stream, Jarret Bradley, senior gameplay producer at The Coalition, demonstrated how the touch controls work in Gears 5, with a sophisticated implementation which changes the controls depending on what function is needed in the game.

“When we first started talking about this, we were going a little over complicated because we weren’t sure what we needed to do,” explains Bradley in the talk. “As we started to dig into it, we realized the best thing for us to do is to treat this as a different input device like we already support keyboard and mouse, controller, and we have customized controls and remapping.”

Microsoft is hoping other developers pay similar attention to their touch controllers.

See Bradley talk about their implementation below:

via the verge